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Our Solar Installation Process

Solar Installation Details;


  • The solar installation process should only take 1 day

  • for a domestic installation and up to 1-2 week for a our 

  • commercial installation (depending on the size)

  • However Elcon Solar does sometimes have a waiting

  • time  and normally will install your system within two - three weeks of signing up with our sales consult.

  • Once your system is installed your meter will need to

  • be changed or reprogrammed before you can be paid for

  • your exported solar power. If you do need a new meter

  • there can be a delay of a few weeks between the

  • installation of the system and the fixing of the meter.


The changing of the meter itself takes approximately

1 hour, reprogramming can sometimes be done remotely depending on the distrubutor.

Steps for your Solar Installation;


  • Installing mounting frames on your roof

  • Attaching the solar panels to the mounting frames

  •  Installing the inverter, in a place that suits you

  •  Running electricity cables from the solar panels to the inverter

  •  Installing new circuit breaker/s in your fuse box or switchboard

  •  Commissioning and testing the system

  •  Placing stickers to notify electricians and emergency services of the presence of your solar power system

  • Your power will need to be switched off for short period during installation when we connect the electrical components, and again for a short period if your meter needs to be changed.

  • All Solar Installation are conducted by an accredited CEC installer

What to do once your Solar System has been installed;


  • An inspector from Energy Safe Victoria will arrive onsite/your property to check over the solar system and make sure it passes correctly and safely.

  • Once the inspector has been we will recieve the Certificate of Electrical Safety. A copy should go to your distributor (the company that owns the poles and wires that supplies your power)

  • Your electricity meter might need to be changed by your distributor to be able to measure the excess solar power you sell to your retailer.

  • Advise your retailer that you have solar power and apply for a feed in tariff.

  • Your invoice (handed to the customer on the day) will need to be finalised on the day of the solar installation. 

Submitting Solar Connection Paperwork;


  • The paperwork for connection includes a Certificate of Electrical Safety, PGC connection form, EWR form and also a pre-approval form (mainly if your power distrubutor is sp-ausnet, powercore and citypower)

  • We will provide a copy of all paperwork and certificates to your distributor and CC you in all emails to keep you in the loop.

  • Our sales staff will also be out 2-4 times to help with the whole prossess from first sign up to final connection, then back again to help connect you to the grid and change your retailer for a better deal. We have a very hands on approach and are always available when you need us 


All contact numbers for your sales consultant, installer and our office staff will be provided on/with the final invoice just incase you need us

Elcon Solar Installation for Residential Properties

Elcon Solar Accreditations

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