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Solax Inverters Elcon Solar Use & Warranty Information.

Elcon Solar use Solax Power inverters as they are one of the industries Premium style inverters. 

State of the art Transformerless technology and battery compatible from 

3kw - 5kw ac output (our favorite hybrid to use) for all our Residential & Commerical solar installations.

Also attached is the warranty, data sheets for the inverters & how to monitor your solar system usage.

Information about Solax Power Inverters.

Solax is a Chinese solar inverter manufacturer with an Australian office in Melbourne. They produce inverters with 5 year warranties at competitive prices and claim they have a mean-time before failure of over 100,000 hours.

This appears to mean their average inverter can be expected to operate for over 11 years before failing, but these figures are generally not calculated using real life conditions.​

The SU series of hybrid inverter includes 1 built-in battery manager unit and solar MPPT. This unit is extremely flexible and can be simply upgraded to support multiple battery banks by adding additional battery manager units. This intelligent hybrid inverter provides a full solution for energy consumers to maximize the use of their generated solar energy to minimize their energy bills.

Solar Power Day & Night.


Maximize the use of your solar system!
Solar power is generated during daylight hours and this is often the time of lowest consumption. The SolaX Hybrid storage system allows you to supply household needs during the day and store the excess power. The stored power can then be used during the expensive peak or evening periods, when use is often at its highest. Self-use of electricity by your solar system can rise from 30% to more than 70%.

​The SolaX Hybrid storage system also provides independence and security from future energy price rises. They will continue to become ever popular as solar feed-in-tariffs continue to decrease and disappear, making self-use of your solar power even more important.

​All of this allows you to get a full return on your solar power investment and maximize your savings.


Solax Single Phase Inverters.


Solax single phase inverters are standard solar inverters that are sometimes called grid-tie  or non-islanding inverters. They don’t support the use of battery storage or allow electricity from solar panels to be used when the grid is down.

Homes with these type of inverters can have battery storage installed, but it will need to operate independently from the inverter and either be connected with a DC converter such as the Goodwe GW2500-BP or a battery-inverter such as the Sunny Boy Storage. The Tesla Powerwall 2 has a battery-inverter that allows it to be used with any solar inverter.

While they are single phase inverters, they can be used by homes that have 3-phase power.


For further information and product brochures on SolaX and SolaX hybrid Inverters as well as a video please click on the following link:


Elcon Solar Accreditations

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