The Benefits of Solar Installations

How Solar Panels can save you money!


  • Electricity prices keep going up and up. Installing solar power could save approximately 4,000kWh - 8,000KWh each year using solar energy which will help you save money on your electricity bills. (based on 3-5kw system)

  • Feed-in tariffs are premium prices for electricity paid by utility providers for excess power you don't use and sell back to the electricity grid.

  • Although Feed-in tariffs do fluctuate a number of retailers do offer more than the minimum rates specified by the government. Have a chat with your sales consultant about different plans and rates available, it is a little bit daunting as there are a few different distributors and each retailer has different rates depending on the distributor, but were here to help and make it a little easier.

How Solar Panels Benefit you?


  • Solar power is a renewable and natural resource.

  • Solar power saves you money on electricity bills.

  • Gives you free energy from the sun.

  • Costs you nothing to run.

  • Solar cells are virtually maintenance free.

  • Solar cells can last a lifetime.

  • Solar power is silent.

How do Solar Panels Benefit the enviroment?


  • Solar Energy helps reduce your carbon footprint as it is a clean energy alternative.

  • Solar Energy does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog.

  • Solar Power actively contributes to the decrease of harmful green house gas emissions.

  • Less pollution in the air means cleaner air for us to breathe, therefore increasing our life expectancy.

  • Solar energy produces no waste and no pollution. Therefore limiting your impact on climate change and global warming.

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