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About Elcon Solar Pty Ltd


Elcon Solar Pty Ltd is a local family run company who have been operating the business for nearly 10 years. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and professional service; we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Bryce Dighton, is the owner and manager of Elcon Solar Pty Ltd, holds a Clean Energy Council Design Accreditation with Battery Endorsement. Bryce is also the installer/designer who is usually on site for ever installation and every picture you can see on this website is an install done by Bryce and the team at Elcon Solar.

We have been installating solar systems for both residental and commerical for almost 10 years. Our solar systems we have been installing range from residental 1.5 - 20kws and commerical 25 - 200kw's.

Residental Solar Installations

Whether your family is growing, you’re installing a pool, working from home or retiring, solar will make your life more affordable. Elcon Solar Pty Ltd has installed hundreds of residential solar systems for home-owners in and around Melbourne, ranging from 1.5kW to 10kW and more larger systems. 

Commercial Solar Installations

Commercial solar covers a wide variety of business. The main advantage to this group is that most of them occupy the properties primarily during sunlight hours when the sun is shining and have very low use after dark therefore the savings and return on investment can be substantial.

Why You Should Choose Elcon Solar Pty For Your Solar Installation.

Australian Owned & Operated 

Extanded Warranty Available

Tier 1 Panels

Fast Turnaround

Australian Warranty

100% Customer Satisfaction

Technical Support

Australian-Based Customer Service 

Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers

Some Brands We Work With 



Elcon Solar Accreditations

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